Power and Forgiveness

Amon Goeth: Control is power.
Oskar Schindler: Is that why they fear us ?
Amon Goeth: We have the power to kill, that’s why they fear us.
Oskar Schindler: They fear us because we have the power to kill arbitrarily. A man commits a crime, he should know better. We have him killed, we feel good about it. Or we kill ourselves and we feel even better. That’s not power though. That’s justice, It’s different than power.
Power is when we have every justification to kill, and we don’t.
Amon Goeth: You think that’s power?
Oskar Schindler: That’s what the Emperor said. A man steals something, he’s brought in before the Emperor, he throws himself down on the ground. He begs for his life, he knows he’s going to die. And the Emperor… pardons him. This worthless man, he lets him go.
Amon Goeth: I think you are drunk.
Oskar Schindler: That’s power, Amon. That is power.
( Schindler’s List – 1993)