Living a Lie – Online


When you Log into your Facebook Account, If you think other people on your friend list is having a great life and if you can’t figure out why it is only you who is always having such a hard time, Just compare your real life and the life you portray on your Facebook Account.

Then you might get an idea about how other people pretend their lives to be awesome when they are not, not as much as they show it to be anyway.

You are not the only one who is pretending, you are not the only liar.

So relax, It’s not only you who is having a shitty life.

The truth is, they also would love to live a life which is half as perfect as they pretend it is on Facebook. Not Only You.

If you think that there are people on your friend list.. think again. Because there are ‘0’ people. Literally zero. You cant find people, only Facebook Profiles.

The difference between the life of a modern day Human being and his/hers Facebook Account cannot be compared even. One’s Facebook profile only shows the life he/she is willing to live, but not the life he/she actually lives day by day.

So don’t worry. Just log in to your profile and show the others how you imagine your life is to be. How you wish your life is to be.

So just live a lie, pretend that you are living a dream.

That is what Facebook is there for


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